Stanley Parable Deluxe edition

It was the game awards last night and there was no really big announcements, some people were hoping for a new trailer for The Last of us Part 2, myself included. That didn’t happen unfortunately. We did get one good announcement which is the Ultra Deluxe edition of the Stanley Parable.

For those that don’t know the Stanley Parable came out in 2013, released by Galactic Cafe and it was a game focused heavily on narration. Unlike a standard linear game where you follow a path you get choices in this game and you can actually choose to ignore them. The most famous example from the game is at the start where they’re two doors. The narrator says “Stanley came to a set of two doors and entered the door on his left.” this can be ignored though and you can instead enter the door on your right and the narration changes accordingly. It is the only game I’ve played where I’ve laughed out loud because it gets hilarious the more you ignore the narrator.

This ultra deluxe edition will have more choices and endings than the previous game but the biggest news from this is it will now be coming to consoles as it was purely on PC so us console gamers missed out but now after 6 years console players will be able to see why the game is so popular. The trailer states it will be out next year.

This is a really enjoyable game and i will post a review when it comes out and may do a review on the current game. I will also update when there is more news on it. Link to trailer at bottom here.

Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe Reveal

Top 10 PS4 Games

Here is a quick list of the best PS4 games at the moment

10. Spider Man

9. Shadow of the Tomb Raider

8. Grand Theft Auto 5

7. Uncharted 2

6. Spyro Reignited Trilogy

5. Rayman Legends

4. Call of Duty Black Ops 4

3. Uncharted 4

2. Assassin’s Creed Ezio Collection

1. The Last of us

Green Day – American Idiot

American Idiot was an album that was controversial for Green Day it disappointed many long time fans but was a move in the right direction for the band. This review we will take a track by track look with a rating for each track and then do an overall summary.

American Idiot 8/10

The opening title track of the album let’s us know straight away we’re in for a more mature direction than any of their previous albums as they take a politically charged approach to the album.

Jesus of Suburbia 10/10

This nearly 8 minute song has been called “the modern day Bohemian Rhapsody” by the band and it is clear to see why. It has five different sections to the song and doesn’t sound like the same song throughout meaning it doesn’t get boring.

Holiday 6/10

The song has a catchy guitar riff that plays now and again but the instrumentation isn’t that great apart from that. The song is also quite politically charged but overall pretty forgetful.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams 10/10

One of their songs that is often found on a list of top Green Day songs and it’s easy to see why. Billie Joe Armstrong sings about being lonely and its surprising emotional. The instrumention is really good on it with the intro of the song played on a guitar through a distortion and tremolo effect which gives it a rather unique sound. The verses are soft and thought provoking, the chorus then kicks in with its distorted riff and the same for the octave solo. It then ends with a heavy dark sounding jam between the bass, guitar and drums. The band has tried to copy the layout of this song with 21 Guns and Still Breathing.

Are We the Waiting 7/10

A very thought provoking song that’s great to chill out to with its slow tempo only complaint is it could be longer

St. Jimmy 5/10

This is the most “Green Day” sounding song on the album. A straight up pop punk tune with an emphasis on the punk sound.

Give me Novacaine 9/10

This is a song that is probably the most overlooked of any of Green Day’s discography. It has the same sort of layout as Boulevard of Broken Dreams with its soft verses and powerful chorus. Once again this showcases the writing of Billie Joe Armstrong at his best.

She’s a Rebel 3/10

This is a song made for being performed live and apart from that it doesn’t have much going for it the only track worth skipping.

Extraordinary Girl 6/10

The song starts with some Indian sounding procussion which may sound out of place coming from the “Welcome to Paradise” rockers but it suits the track very well. The song appears to be addressing a rather dysfunctional relationship.

Letterbomb 7/10

Letterbomb continues from the previous track where the girl has sent a Letterbomb to her boyfriend to break up with him. Pretty catchy tune with some good lyrics.

Wake me up when September Ends 8/10

The saddest song they’ve ever released which was influenced by Billie Joe Armstrong’s Dad dying when he was just 10 years old. It starts with an acoustic guitar and is pretty simplistic. There is a glockenspiel plays now and again which works really well against the track.

Homecoming 5/10

If Jesus of Suburbia was too short for you this 9 minute song may do it for you. The only problem is it’s not exciting enough to last that long the song is all over the place and which it’s not bad it’s just not that exciting

Whatsername 10/10

An album closer is always hard for a band to choose from but for this album a great one was chosen. Whatsername talks about the Girl he sung about in She’s a Rebel (who’s name is never revealed). He wonders what she is up to now and although he can’t remember her but he still remembers the times he had with her and the memories will always remain.

As you can tell from each track review it is a mostly strong album and is essential for any Green Day fan as it was when they first started straying from their pop punk roots which was a much needed refresh for the band. This album does have a few pop punk songs, American Idiot, St. Jimmy and She’s a Rebel. It is more of an alternative rock sounding album. I would give the album a solid 7/10.

Thanks for reading link to buy will be included below.

American Idiot